Sunflowers follow Himawari Saito, a young Japanese-American girl struggling in the aftermath of a tragic accident that tears her family apart. She’s desperately trying to find the sunlight in what seems to be an endless storm. The story explores the intricacies of mental health specifically, in the context of an Asian-American household and highlights the consequences we face when neglecting our mental health and the mental health of those around us, especially the ones we love and care for.

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"They're happy flowers!"

The project focuses heavily on the realistic aspects of mental health, especially from an Asian-American community’s perspective. With a majority of our cast and crew being Asian-American and more than 50% of the crew being women filmmakers, Sunflowers’s team consists of a representative group of people. Our hope is to bring more awareness to a serious topic and in the process create a diverse filmmaking experience.



Writer and Director

Nguyen is a young filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia who co-founded the production company Young and Restless Productions, LLC. His passion surrounds directing and cinematography. Nguyen is attending SCAD to pursue his dream and passion in cinema. His hope for future projects is to raise awareness in areas that are usually neglected in our current society.


Heidi Chong


Everyone meet Heidi Chong, our co-producer! Heidi is a budding filmmaker currently based in Atlanta, GA! Invested in storytelling, she is interested in creating visually-compelling and complex narratives that center around stories that are honest, intimate, and thoughtful —stories that help people feel less alone.

Christa Beth Campbell


Christa has been acting in films since she was 4 and decided to switch to the other side of the camera 3 years ago. She cofounded Young and Restless Productions, LLC. with our writer and director Nguyen and has been making films with him ever since. She feels so lucky to be a part of this project and if this film makes an impact on at least 1 person, she considers it a success.