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Young and Restless Productions, LLC

We provide different film/media services like creating demo reels for actors and actresses, making short films with customer's customizations, creating music videos and also small commercials and promotion videos.


We also provide photoshoots and headshots!

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Demo Reels/Taping

Build up aspiring actors/actresses film resume by making short films specifically dedicated to them and add dummy roles to help utilize up the professionalism and variety in the reel.


Shoot and edit commercials/promotions professionally.

Customize Films

Films with the customer's total control over the stories, looks, and length. If needed, our writing department will help to shape the story that the customer trying to convey. 


Provide shooting and (or) edit videos such as music videos, montages, vlogs, etc.. with total customers' customizations but with elements of professionalism.



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